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Georgia Baseball Academy
Georgia Baseball Academy is a Professional Baseball Training Academy. At GBA, students will learn how to become the best baseball player they can all the while learning every other facet of what will make them a Complete Player. GBA strives to develop young athletes into strong young men, both on and off the field.

Georgia Baseball Academy is an initiative developed by former Professional Baseball Players. All instructors at GBA will have College and Professional baseball experience. This is a prerequisite GBA feels is necessary to give our clients the best possible instruction for their money. If an instructor did not play college baseball nor professional baseball how can they give a student the instruction and guidance to follow in those exact same footsteps? We at GBA are all about quality and customer satisfaction. GBA is much more than just an instructional facility. GBA is an Academy in which students will learn all qualities needed to give them the best possible chance to make all their dreams come true, again, on and off the field.

Georgia Baseball Academy has a strong commitment to excellence for their students. Students will ultimately be held responsible for their development. In baseball it all comes down to practice, but is a student gaining ground if he does not know the proper way to practice and/or is practicing their skill the wrong way? GBA’s Professional Instructors will not only teach students proper positions and motions, but also how to practice in order for the student to maximize their time and efficiency. GBA stays constant with one method of instruction. This method has been tried by many but is not usually held constant at the lower levels by coaches and parents alike. This method is simply known as “Positive Reinforcement.” GBA’s instructors will inform students of the rigors of the sport and the failure that accompanies this sport, but will facilitate and teach positive mental approaches to the game. By enforcing this positive type of mindset, GBA is hoping that students will translate these skills onto the field and into their lives.

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