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Athletic Scouting & Recruiting Service

Athletic Scouting & Recruiting ServiceAthletic Scouting & Recruiting Service CHAMPS Inc.  My name is Mark Gleason, Founder. VP National Scouting. When my son was a junior at an Atlanta-area high school, I hired an athletic scouting & recruiting service to help us locate a compatible college baseball program; To Help Him Get Recruited. After a couple of months, I realized that they would not– or could not– do what they had promised. I took matters into my own hands and developed an athletic scouting & recruiting service plan and strategy to get him the exposure he needed.

My `rookie` effort produced very positive results. My son received five offers to play college baseball.  News of our success traveled fast among his teammates; several parents asked me to employ the same  strategies to help their sons and daughters achieve their athletic goals. After several more success stories, I was convinced that my athletic scouting & recruiting service `game plan` would work for any talented, aspiring high school student athlete.

We have assisted hundreds of high school athletes throughout the United States as well as France, the U.K. and Canada.

Athletic Scouting & Recruiting Service – CHAMPS Inc. – dedicated to helping high school athletes ..“Compete at the next level”

The Premier Athletic Scouting & Recruiting Service – Atlanta, Georgia

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How Our System Works –

Through the use of technology we will provide and help you implement a proven process to get your son or daughter’s athletic scouting profile in front of those coaches and athletic programs, you are interested in. Our company contacts coaching staffs via email directly with each athletes web page player profiles, (which include; scouting reports, personal – athletic statistics, academic information all pertinent contact information along with embedded videos). Each email is sent return receipt requested. Those coaches who have kindly elected to return receipt, come back to us as a “Read” email and then are forwarded directly to the athletes and their parents, whom are then advised to send a brief thank you follow up to those coaches. We provide the athlete and their folks with the coach’s name, email address and a brief scripted response. This is the first step in the process – it’s all about making connections and getting your foot in the door. We continue to do this to hundreds of college coaches thus creating a buzz about our athletes – building them as a “Brand”.

There are many other common sense approaches and techniques we use to establish and cultivate connections with college coaches for our athletes.

Example: College Camps & Tournaments – in many sports camps & tournaments are money making opportunities for those entities who put on the events and they also attended by college coaches scouting athletes. Most major events have web pages highlighting the cost, location, dates, etc. as well as a list of college coaches who may be in attendance. We contact each coach listed with our athletes information; web page profile & video links, height, weight, jersey number, game schedule, field location, travel team coaches name, email, cell, etc. Coaches are allowed to talk to athletes when you are attending a camp on their campus. Tournaments are a different story. They may not be able to talk to the athlete directly, but you will see them at these events and know that they have your information – YOU ARE ON THEIR RADAR!!
Our company, 16 years in business, is perceived to be a conduit of talent. Many coaches will open up an email from us over others they receive. They literally get hundreds of emails daily – there is an art to writing a subject line to get them to open it.


Athletic Scouting & Recruiting service

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A Proven Record of Success

An aggressive, proactive athletic scouting & recruiting plan is the key to getting noticed. Our system has helped hundreds of high school athletes continue to live their dream’s at the collegiate level.   See Testimonials

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Photos: [Top] Mark (left) with wife Chris and son Andrew. An outfielder and pitcher.  [Bottom] Andrew Gleason (left) and DeMario Cash 2006 Georgia Dugout Club Summer Collegiate League All-Stars.

PUBLIC NOTICE – No Guarantee Implied or Otherwise: Let it be known that we, CHAMPS Inc. Athletic Scouting & Recruiting Service, it’s heirs, successors and/or assigns, make no guarantee implied or otherwise, to any  student athlete and/or their parents or guardians, as to athletic or academic scholarship awards, acceptance and/or placement at any college, university and/or college athletic’s program.
Pro Bono Services Policy: C.H.A.M.P.S. Inc. Athletic Scouting & Recruiting Service, reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to provide cost free services to an individual on a basis unrelated to an individual’s athletics ability. In order to be eligible to receive cost free services an individual must meet specific criteria as identified by C.H.A.M.P.S. Inc. which may include, but is not limited to, a financial or other identifiable hardship.