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To Get Recruited By Colleges – You need to be scouted first.  Although there are no placement, acceptance or scholarships guarantees by CHAMPS Inc. , one certainly doesn’t have a chance for an opportunity, if coaches don’t know who your are.  Sadly this is a fact – many high school athletes end their athletic careers prematurely because they were never scouted and therefore recruited by college athletic programs. In fact, not all college athletic programs have large recruiting budgets; they are simply unable to see many qualified athletes who could Get Recruited by colleges; if the coaches were aware of them. YOU NEED TO BE SCOUTED FIRST .. If you want to compete in college athletics -in hopes of ultimately being recruited – you should not wait for college coaches to call you, because it won’t happen! You need to be proactive – It is up to you, with our scouting efforts to help you Get Recruited by colleges!


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