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Testimonial Bennett Son #2



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Mark, it has been 2 years since I contracted with you to help me get my older son scouted to colleges. That first experience was very successful & it gave him multiple choices for football & baseball. He chose a well known South Carolina School because they would allow him to play football & baseball but we would have never looked at them if not for your help. He is doing great academically & athletically… in fact he will be on National TV (ESPN2) soon vs Appalachian State for the Southern Conference Championship rights.

Now it is time to get to my other son who is in his senior year. I would have gotten you involved last year but he was injured & did not have highlight film we needed for colleges. The reason I selected CHAMPS Inc. Athletic Scouting Service, originally was because of your personal involvement & services. No other scouting – recruiting firm could film my son at local games & add that film to the schools highlight film. Plus because you were on the field it gave the college recruiters a really nice birds eye view of my sons skills. In addition you did a great job of doing information update drops to certain schools & that really helped coaches stay in touch with his progress. What I have learned going through this process with my older son is, these college coaches have very little time to evaluate tons of kids, so anything you can provide them to make their job easier will help all parties involved.

Give me a call & lets talk about what I need for my younger son…


Vic Bennett

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